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Oikos Network

Oikos is a BNB Chain (BSC) DeFi ecosystem consisting of a decentralized exchange and asset issuance platform maintained by a staking-based incentive mechanism. It allows users to speculate on cryptocurrencies and just about any real world assets like commodities, fiat currencies, etc.

The main goal of the project is to keep the exchange running and maintain its decentralized structure through an incentive mechanism based on a combination of staking, collateral, fees, and inflation. Basically, it allows anyone to create synthetic assets that can track the price of its real-world counterpart. This can be done by locking up the platform’s native asset OKS into the protocol.

Comprehensive guide to decentralized finance

In this guide, we are gonna go in depth on how to set up your wallet, how the system works and relates with one another without dabbling into jargon ‘normal’ crypto users couldn’t understand. And of course, no DeFi guide is complete without showing the steps to monetize the platform. OKS staking is one of DeFi’s passive income-generating strategies.

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